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Line / Curve – Serious Improvements (+5 Video)

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For a long time, several ideas were spinning in my head.
And so I decided to take the time to think them over, and submit them for review.
From the simplest, to the most difficult to implement. In the eyes of the layman 


Ends        ► Link to animation     ← Much needed, all the time

Interval    ► Link to animation

Radius     ► Link to animation

Points      ► Link to animation     ← Much needed, all the time

Gradient  ► Link to animation


I don't know if the developers are watching Paint.NET behind the "Discussion and Questions" section. But I think this section is most suitable for such content.



Original language ↴


Давно в голове крутилось несколько идей.
И вот я решил потратить время, чтобы продумать их, и представить на обзор.

От самых простых, до сложно реализовываемых. На взгляд обывателя.


Не знаю, следят ли разработчики Paint.NET за разделом «Discussion and Questions». Но думаю, что этот раздел больше всего подходит для такого контента.


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Whether or not anything happens with these (which I can't speak to), thanks for brainstorming and the animations. Here's my thoughts as a user:


Ends: maybe useful for someone, I wouldn't need it.


Interval: maybe useful for someone. I take it the 2nd % box in the animation is for staggering the dots (it's unspecified)


Radius: not too useful, I think people will just move points around as needed. Having more points solves this issue

Points: very useful particularly when tracing circular things. iirc we had a plugin for 6 point beziers once, so the demand exists. Maybe just drop it in settings instead of on the command bar

Gradient: seems useful, though adding these options would warrant adding gradients to shapes and other tools, so it's a bigger work item already.
(though I think an alpha lock might be a higher value add that enables a reasonable workaround for gradient lines)

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