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Antialias problem

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While this problem is not a crash or anything like that  and is probably something that has simply been overlooked it still needs to be corrected.


To duplicate the problem:


select green as the primary color

select orange as the secondary color

select the line tool

set the width to say 5. you want to have the line width at 5 or above for ease of visibility

disable the antialiasing

set the fill style to diagonal forward or diagonal backwards

draw a vertical or horizontal line



The colors don't matter , it is just easier to see using those 2 colors.


Zoom into the line and look at the green diagonal lines. They are antialiased even tho antialiasing has been disabled.


The strange thing is if I have vertical or horizontal fill selected and antialias enabled and draw an angled line the fill is not antialiased. If I have a diagonal fill and draw a line at any angle the fill is antialiased.




Just thought I would mention it.




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The hatch pattern just has antialiasing built-in to it. You can see that if you draw a filled rectangle. Antialiasing doesn't affect the hatch fill itself, which is essentially just a bitmap provided by GDI+ (System.Drawing).


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It's not something I have to have working. It was something I noticed is all. The behavior of the fill is also quite odd as it works like it is filling the entire image and the tool simply acts like it is removing that section of a mask.


For example when using the lie tool if i set it to use a diagonal and I draw either a horizontal of a vertical line I get a 45° stripes . But if I draw a 45° line I don't get 90° stripes which is how I would have expected the behavior to be.

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