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Does anyone know this plugin ?

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Hello @hex and welcome :)


You could do it this way:


1. Change your image to Black and White; Ctrl + Shift + G

2. Make a new layer and use red to color over the eyes and mouth, then change the layer properties.




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If there is a plugin that operates on HSV model, and only modify the Hue Channel, then this could be done.

G'MIC Filter Developer


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There is more than simple red vs black and white going on in the sample image.


Upon further review, look at areas such as the face and neck. There are multiple gradients there between red, black and white. Each of those is going to mean multiple layers alone and then a blending together. However, there is far far more going on than that here...


Then look at areas such as the lips, the eyes, the ears, the earrings, the collar and the background wall.  Each of them got a different red treatment. That is the simple issue. Take some closer looks.


Bonus: Also consider how other areas such as the hair dropping down and to the side to the body vary in gradients from dark to grey. Then look at how the chain sets up the diagonal to the eyelids all the way to the earring's metal sections- and their precise cross angle.  The background uses cross diagonals and square fills. Then be aware of her tilt vs. the diagonals of the background. The straightness and angles of the background set up her curves.  Somebody put a lot of planning into this one.


Bonus #2: Upon further further review this really almost is all fractals and golden algorithms .  It is a series of split triangles- even included in her curves- which create the golden algorithms . The red is a misdirect. A lot of planning went into this one.


The OP's name is "Hex" and his question likely was in code. There is far more than one plugin at play here...






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Here is a more subtle example of these principles in action:




Look at the almost exact same angle of the Whoa! What's that? A chain leading to the angled face and then offset diagonals(The first 3 dogs form the triangle) and straight lines in verticals and horizontals (mostly defocused) in the background.


I have this one in just about every natural color of dogs such as greens, reds, blues, pinks, purples and all their variants. The colors are a complete misdirect. They grab the attention- and they are not the real story whatsoever...

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16 hours ago, hex said:

Only red was selected and the rest was turned black and white .


The plugin which automates this effect (known as the Pleasantville effect) is called Extract Color

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