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Help with what software to purchase

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For personal use even Photoshop Elements would be overkill, especially for MySpace layouts.

Stick with Paint.NET and GIMP and you can't go wrong. GIMP is the closest to Photoshop as freely possible as it includes features many associate with Photoshop, however the UI is something not to be desired. Paint.NET on the other hand has simplicity, ease of use and a cracking set of available plugins to tackle most tasks. I might sound as though I'm advertising Paint.NET because we happen to be on the Paint.NET forum, but for the purposes you described in your first post, Paint.NET seems best.

As Zagna said, try both anyway, see what takes your fancy.

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Renusood, I tryed Photoshop and I could not use it as I would need to take a full day out of my life just to understand the UI alone. I only do personal work with images. EG: image editing, image converting, sigs now and then, website images, ect...

I used GIMP before to on Linux and it was not so bad but I found the layout to be a mess. I still use GIMP on Linux. But on Windows I use Paint.NET because it so easy to understand. I still remember when I 1st started using it back in 2005. It never had half of the things it has now and yet it still did a great job. It was so easy to use, I hopped right into it and started doing work right away with no problems. Still to this day I find it to be a program you can just jump right into and know what your doing.

So I say let her try Paint.NET 1st and if she don't like it then let her try GIMP. As for Photoshop, I would not spend that kind of money for personal use unless I was planning to be a image design person. Then I would as I will need it for the Job. Adobe products are never cheap, what Photoshop cost now a days $500.00, $600.00 and don't you have to pay for updated versions as well ?

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...and don't you have to pay for updated versions as well ?

Only if you want to. Updates are free. Obviously upgrades (i.e. CS3 to CS4) are not.


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I think paint.net would be your best choice. I don't know if you have ever been using a program and needed help. It can sometimes take forever or even be impossible and often the help can seem to be give begrudgingly. Your daughter will find the people on the forum happy to help and always polite. When I first started and needed help it arrived almost instantly and still does. Often I knew my questions seemed simple and stupid but I was always given courteous and quick answers along with much encouragement. And the moderators as well as being very knowledgeable and helpful, are wonderful at making sure this stays a family friendly forum . I think all these things are important if your daughter is 14. And as has been said, it has an ease of use once you learn your way around and it is capable of doing many wounderful and fun things. I have GIMP but find it confusing compared to paint.net. Also paint.net does not take up much room on your hard drive. And (thank you Mr. B) you can't do better than free.


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