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Outlining an image

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to outline anything you can do the following...

- Cut out and paste the image that you want to be outlined onto a blank canvas (so you can see the checkered background).

- Duplicate the layer.

- Select the bottom layer and go to layers> adjustments> hue/saturation. Set the brightness to -100 and click ok.

- Now you should have the drawing you want outlined, and underneath should be a pitch black silloette of the image.

- Select the bottom layer and do a gaussian blur on it by about 6 units (mess around with other values to get different border thicknesses).

- You should now have a faint outline, however if you duplicate this layer a load of times you will see the border become more defined.

- Now go to the layer which has the original image on it (should be the top layer), copy this image so you can paste it back into the canvas in a second (you will see why in a minute), and then delete it.

- Flatten the whole image so everything is now on the same layer (image>flatten) and then sharpen the image by about 4 units (effects>sharpen). This will make the outline more defined.

- Now create a new layer and paste the original image onto it (creating a new layer for the original image is very important here if you are going to go onto the next part below which describes how to make the edges of the original picture smoother should they look jagged).

- And there you go, an outlined image. This method will also work for text so give it a whirl!


Should you notice the original image seems to look a bit jagged at its border you can easily fix this by doing the following.

- Duplicate the layer with the original image on (NOT the layer with the border on).

- Select the second layer down and gaussian blur it by about 2 units.

- Duplicate the layer that you just blurred a load of times and you will notice the jagged edges dissapear!!!! AMMAZING!!!!

-And thats the end.

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