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Creating a "backlight" texture.

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Hello all,


I was wondering how to create a texture similar to this in Paint.net:


How I plan on doing it (unless someone advises there is a simpler way of achieving it!) is having the "Bus Stopping" text as some kind of cut out into a plain, black layer and then having the orange backlight on a layer under that. I am unsure of how to create this light though. Can anyone please recommend any plugins or methods that may assist with this?


Thank you in advance


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I haven’t played with BoltBait Text plug-in but that’s where I would look at first to decorate the text. Make sure the text is on its own layer. 


Below the layer of the text, use a black-purple gradient set to radial and create the gradient. 

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2 hours ago, Lukeyboi said:

I am unsure of how to create this light though

16 Evenly spaced bars with colors ranging from yellow to orange (chosen randomly) on a layer below your text. Then select your text with the magic wand, move to the color layer and copy. Paste into a new layer to get the colored text. Hope this helps :)





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