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Need help making image have fabric effect

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I have a PNG decal that I want to have a fabric look so I can add it into a game for my character.


Example, I want this rendering...



To have a fabric look like this.



Any way to do this? Some of the other tutorials like this one look like that they'll only work for images that are squares and not more rounded or circular ones.

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Hi @marxman

Welcome to the Forum

The texture will take on the shape of the object if the object is on its own in a separate layer, Copy the texture to your clipboard and utilize this plugin 

You will see at the top of the UI a button to click to apply texture to an object. Have the shape alone on its own layer and apply clipboard image.

Here's an example of the result



Hope this helps :)




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I immmediately thought of the Stitch plugin. It works best over non-uniform colors - so I added some noise prior to running the plugin.





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And, another way could be done like this:


1.  Import decal into paint.net, crop to selection.

2. Magic wand the white on the eagle, make a new layer, add grey.

3. New layer and add white (make 2nd color 0%) and use bucket fill with Wave:




Examples below are clickable.



4.  Repeat the steps for the beak and tongue.



5.  Then the black: select directly on the black and use Fill on Zig Zag.



6. Repeat this on the black in the text area.


Final result:



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Another approach, at least for the fabric, might be to do something like a method I used to create a cloth texture with the Texture Shader.


The task of creating a cloth-like patch is consists several problems. There's the general fabric texture, the texture for the edge stitching, and the texture for the lettering. The edge and letter stitching is pretty tricky, since the stitches should be approximately perpendicular to the line direction. I can't think of any way to do that.

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