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Smoothing out white line without introducing any grays

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I have some art composed of white lines on a solid (black) background. I'm only allowed those two colors, but I would like to smooth out the white lines (write now they look a bit pixely). I tried using AA's assistant, however this introduced slight shades of gray (or perhaps its white with varying degrees of alpha?) in order to soften the edges. However, I would like to smooth out the edges as much as possible with just white pixels. I was thinking the first step would be to dramatically increase the pixel density. However, I don't know what I would do next. Any suggestions? Thanks!


mug design long for black background2 low qual.png

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5 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

That said, there is one other thing you can try and that is to increase the DPI of the image.



Yup, that's what I meant when I said I tried to increase the pixel density! But once i've done that, is there any tool to "smooth out" the larger jagged edges into smaller ones corresponding to the new, smaller, pixel size?

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A section from your posted image shown with red background layer.

Resize image 400%.

Color pick and eliminate grey using the Kill Color Keeper plugin.

Duplicate and merge layer 4 times to get rid of partially transparent edges.

Magic Wand white (Shift key down).

Invert selection and press Delete on the keyboard to eliminate dark artifacts.

Apply Effects > Noise > Median
Radius 30
Percentile 50


This does cause noticeable distortion where the lines cross.







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