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Extracting from picture

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What is the fastest way to extract a certain part of a photo?

In the photo attached, I would like to extract the playing dogs, eliminating the background and turn them into silhouettes. 

Using the magic wand takes a lot of time. Any way faster of doing this?


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Depending on the image, I often do the foreground extraction using AI driven https://photoscissors.com rather than the Paint.NET tools.

Your photo took just a few seconds. It needs a bit of cleaning up around the right hand dog's legs but that could have been done with the Erase Markings tool - or afterwards using Paint.NET.

Explore the Photo Scissors tools at the top left and three adjustment tabs on the right.





I normally paste the resultant image as a new layer above the original image in Paint.NET and make any final adjustments there; for example by cloning from the original image if necessary.

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