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Cursor problems

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Hello, I have been using Paint.net for quite some time and recently been having to do a bit more manual editing. Using the paintbrush tool presents a few problems, however. When unselected, the paintbrush tool has this + in the center to indicate where the center is. This + goes away when you actually start using the paintbrush tool and you're only left with the circle. This makes it quite hard to follow along and keep the center where I would like it. Is there a way to keep this + available all the time? It seems like it should be rather simple but I have been googling for a few days now when I get the time and haven't seen anything about it. My current fix is to constantly click the mouse and apply about a thousand paintbrushes as this strobes the + so I can see where it is, but this is not ideal.


Thanks very much.

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It's been a few days so I figure it might be a good idea to try and describe this issue with more detail, despite this being a relatively simple problem.


Surprisingly, this seems to be partly a windows thing, as capturing my screen with print-screen or any other tool removed the precision pointer in the center.


The cursor looks like this before using the paintbrush tool. After clicking down the left mouse button,


The precision pointer disappears, making it difficult to stay right where I would like. I would like to fix this problem, thanks.

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19 minutes ago, Rle said:

This makes no sense to me as long as the paint in the brush is not at least semi-transparent.




Im currently tracing some edges and keeping an accurate paintbrush center really helps me do what im doing and the lack of a cursor in the center makes this a lot harder.

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