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Easy way to lighten background?

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I'm a new user, so please forgive my ignorance...

I work in real estate and frequently deal with indoor photos with backgrounds that need lightening, similar to "flash fill."

Is there a simple way to lighten a dark background?

For example, in my old Corel Paint Shop Pro X8, there is a command called "Fill light" under Brightness and Control.

Simple. Effective. Looking for a paint.net equivalent.

Thanks very much for any assistance.

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A plugin that may be helpful is @MichaelVinther's Laplacian pyramid filter, as racerx's Feb. 15, 2015 comment in that thread suggests. However, whether it's easy may be a matter of opinion. As useful as it is for all kinds of effects,  it seems to me to be on the tricky side, so it may take some experimentation to find the right settings to do what you want.

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