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How do I specify project template categories?


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I made a project template for my own (somewhat peculiar) way of building PropertyBasedEffect plugins. Though it seems to work well, it only shows up in the New Project menu when All Languages is selected, and it doesn't have any of those tags underneath listing the categories, such as "C#" and "Windows" to show the type of projects it builds. In the vstemplate file the PropertyType is CSharp, and I've tried it in both the C# and Visual C# subfolders of the ProjectTemplates folder. I tried setting the ProjectSubType to CSharp, but it had no effect.


I tried a number of Internet searches to find out how to set the categories, to no avail. Part of my problem is I don't know the name for what I want to do -- whether it's "categories" or something entirely different..


Does anyone happen to know how to make the template appear in New Project under C#, and how to get the proper category tags listed with the template? (I assume those things are closely related.) It's obviously not critical that I get it the way I want it, but it just sort of bugs me that I can't

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Thank you very much, @AndrewDavid!


For anyone wanting a summary, the solution is to add to the <TemplateData> in the .vstemplate file lines like the following:



(I'm still having a bit of confusion, because though I changed the ProjectTypeTag from originally being Desktop to Plugin and re-Zipped the folder, the tag in VS New Project is still Desktop. I'll figure out what's going on later.)


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