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Resizing shortcut keys no longer work

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For years I have used CTRL+SHIFT+R to open the resize canvas dialog box. It no longer works. NOTHING. I, now, have to go to the IMAGE area of the menu bar and drop it down to access the canvas dialog. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Lry said:

It no longer works. NOTHING.


Try swapping out your keyboard to confirm it is Ok.


Do you have any keyboard macros or third party keyboard apps installed?

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9 minutes ago, Djisves said:

Keyboard shortcuts don't work if your keyboard is set to a language that uses non-Latin characters, like Greek, Cyrilic, Arabic, Hebrew etc.


I'm not sure about that. The Russian-language keyboard serves Ctrl+Shift+R and Ctrl+R without problems.

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for me the ctrl+r and shift+ctrl+r would randomly stop working and i would need to restart the app to get it to work again.
but now the resize hotkeys have completely stopped working for paint.net as of V5.10.8674.32967


manually selecting the resize from the drop down menu still works


on windows 11 - non win store version

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41 minutes ago, Spaz490 said:

is there cache for the data that can be cleared and auto rebuilt


Sorry, but that is gibberish.


Paint.NET is working correctly. So, there must be something else getting in the way--either some keyboard manager is redefining Ctrl+R or there is a problem with Windows or your keyboard is failing.


1. If your keyboard is wireless, check the battery.

2. Try https://keyboardchecker.com/ to see if your keys are working

3. Apply any pending Windows Updates

4. Reboot

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