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Undo Brush Strokes Swaps Primary/Secondary Selection in Color Palette

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I use the primary/secondary color and the X key to use a couple of colors back and forth with fair regularity. Setup where this bug occurs:

Choose two colors (e.g. blue, orange) as primary/secondary.

Make a brush stroke

Hit X (switch to orange)

Make a brush stroke

Undo (fine)

Undo (bug).

After the second Undo, the one that undoes the blue (first color) stroke, "Primary" is no longer selected in the color Colors window, Secondary is. Note: Orange is still selected as the primary color (it did not undo the X key primary/secondary swap), it just changes the color picker to Secondary so the next time I select a color it will change the secondary color, not the primary one.


Continuing to Undo never undoes this change (i.e. if I did blue, X, orange, X, blue, X, orange, after the second Undo Secondary is selected and stays selected even if all strokes are Undone).


Version 4.3.10, Windows 10

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