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No Erase

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When I try to erase a figure, line, brush stroke, rectangles result, not a blank space.. I think I've tried toggling nearly every layer ot adjustment topic. Nothing helps.

If you have a fix please be specific.


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1 hour ago, wots said:

When I try to erase a figure, line, brush stroke, rectangles result, not a blank space.


When you say "rectangles," are you perhaps referring to the gray-and-white checkerboard pattern that's used to indicate no visible pixels? If so, that's how it's supposed to work, and how most other image editors work. Erasing makes pixels invisible, not white. In areas with no visible pixels on any layer, you'll see the checkerboard background. If you want to make pixels white, use the Paint Brush while holding down the right mouse button (assuming the default of white as the Secondary Color). Likewise, use Fill Selection (Backspace)  not Erase Selection (Delete) to make an area white. You'll first have to set the Primary Color to white if you want to fill with white.


Preferably, images should be drawn in a transparent layer above a background layer of the desired background color (or colors). Then the Eraser will work the way one would expect. Erasing the pixels in the upper layer will allow the background to show through, just as erasing a pencil mark allows the paper to show through, whatever color the paper may be.


EDIT: Or perhaps your problem is the one described by @ardneh. It's difficult to tell from your brief description. I think it's most likely one or the other.

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