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When i got bored.


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Did you use the bars plugin? I think it'd be cool if you would have added like glowing circles/stars or some kind of text that would stand out. I really like how it came out. Could you tell me how you did it?

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Nah i juz drew really thick lines on different layers and played with "Smart Blur" and stuff.

About tht, been trying to learn how to get those on man. I'm not tht good with effects but i'm good at editing certain images[lack of skill :oops: ].

Well i made this with multiple layers about 8 or 9 with different color lines on each and then i played with some effects to made it glow. Next i combine the layers and then i played around with "Stitch"[ without warp ] and then "Film" then i move it up a layer and filled it the uncolored parts with their own repective colors[btw i set them as slightly transparent so tht they blend in nicely].


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