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Paint.NET Redesign


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I used Paint.NET for around 5 years before switching to the Adobe products last year, so Paint.NET will always hold a special place in my heart, so today I decided to see how well I could redesign the UI and Logo for Paint.NET in Adobe Illustrator, I thought I would show you guys here.1460283239_paint.netredesign_4-3Concept.thumb.jpg.7d00284829c407bb2ab7143f3a1b2f93.jpg1593773300_paint.netredesign_Logo.thumb.png.fee6b6295d20316a5a70d63cf0ec164f.png

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hmm, interesting. Thoughts:
- hard to see. Higher contrast would be nice
- monochrome icons is a design antipattern that's really popular right now that the world will regret later (and already does in some places; see the whole discussion about it when Blender moved to 2.81)

- I don't see much else going on here. Rounded corners are here, but rounded vs. sharp means nothing to me. No serious UI changes it looks like

Not much else to say, I guess. Themes won't be changing in PDN any time soon; they've got a backlog the size of the pyramid of Giza due to the fact only a few programmers work on it. But if you have thoughts on any functional design changes, like better button placements, keyboard shortcuts, etc. then maybe that feedback would be considered for future things

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