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3D text with trail plugin

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Welshblue did a tutorial on how to make 3d text with the trail plugin.  The link was https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/18636-trail-plug-in-3d-textbut it is no longer active. 

There was an original texture layer, then text (which I think was used to make an alpha mask and then later blurred to be a shadow), then 4 more texture layers which were used to make the text standout.

I would appreciate any information as to how to reproduce this effect.  I have included a pic that I made with it in the past.



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I think the basic technique is:

  • Use Rotate/Zoom on the object to tilt it backwards.
  • Duplicate the layer the tilted object is in.
  • Apply Trail to the lower layer, with the direction being downward. Disable Fade, and make the spacing very close.
  • Adjust the Brightness/Contrast and perhaps Saturation/Hue of the lower layer (and perhaps the upper layer, too).
  • Add a downward drop shadow to the lower layer.


Naturally, the method could be easily modified to tilt the object in a different direction


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Thanks @MJW.  Your comment made me think about the layers.  I went back and looked.  After you cut the shape or text with the alpha mask, there are four layers that make up the text/shape.  The bottom layer is with the trail plugin, normal mode, full opacity, the next layer up is the same with trail but multiply mode, full opacity.  The next layer up is a duplicate of the bottom without trail,(just cutout text) normal mode full opacity, and the top layer is a duplicate of the third (flat) layer but screen mode, opacity 100.  I'm not sure if brightness or contrast was used in the original tutorial, or if you should move one or another layer slightly, but the above seems to give an overall good result.

Just in case anyone was interested.

Thanks for your help.




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