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I'm creating some designs for print to garment and have got all confused by DPI issues.  I read a great article on the subject a while ago but I seem to have forgotten where I found it or what it said :( So the printer is either being very unhelpful or I'm just not getting it. They want >400dpi, but then I read somewhere that dpi from a printing POV is all about the capabilities of the physical printer? P.n says I have 95.94px/".  If I change it up to 400 the image size drops, but is P.n actually altering the image or just some header that details the size 'to be printed' ?  I don't need any technical details, just trying to express my confusion.  I spoke to the printers about stray pixels and bleed.  They said that anything smaller than 3px will not be printed, but surely that depends on the size of the print on the garment?  I've had some test prints from them and all seems good, but I just can't seem to get my head around it.  A couple of my source images are slightly skewd and this gives a step when using the select tool.  It's tiny but annoying.   Is there a way to fix this and the odd effects I get near color borders ? Am I looking at detail that no one will ever see ? How do I get an idea of what will or wont be visible in print ?


img1 is the source, img2 is an artefact from adding an effect over a mask, img3 is where things go bad. sry for long post !




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If you want the really simple solution - take the image size you want to end up with (in inches) and multiply those dimensions by 400. That gives you the image canvas size in pixels. PRO-TIP: Make your canvas the correct size before you start designing the image.


E.g. a 6x4 inch photo printed at 400 DPI....


=> 6x400 by 4 x 400

=> 2400px by 1600px


With this solution you can safely ignore all future references to the DPI.


Yep. It's a lot larger than to expect.

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