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Percent [X] Fill with more than 1 color?

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I am trying to use the "Percent 10" fill function, but I'd like to get more than 1 color. Unfortunately, the spots are too fine and I'm not able to make the white space transparent after the fill (otherwise I would do that and overlap 2 different layers).


Does anyone know how to do this?


For example, if I wanted to overlap these 2 files so both blue and pink are visible.

pink percent 10.png

blue percent 10.png

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Hi @ballmouse - welcome to the forum.


Here's how I would manage this....

  • Do one fill on each of two layers
  • Delete the white on the top layer (Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: then Delete key)
  • Move the top layer a few pixels right and/or down to offset the dots
  • Flatten the two layers.
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