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How to use background to fill a word? [SOLVED]

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Hi everybody, 😃


This is my first post, so please excuse-me if it is not in the right section and if I don't use the right words, I am French (nobody's perfect)!


I would like to do this:

Use a background (in example, this image of flowers)



to create a word (in example, the word FLOWERS). 


My method worked this time, but it doesn't each time, especially if there is lot of white in the background image:

1. Use the image of flowers as background

2. Create a white layer and write the word "FLOWERS" in black at the right position

3. F4 (Layers Properties --> Lighten)

4. Merge the layers

5. Magic wand: select all white and delete it


Well, is there a way to do is easier? A kind of hollow letters that you would put upon the background, and cut everything else? 


Thanks by advance. 

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Hello @Patapin and welcome to the forum :)


There is a great video by @yellowman on how to accomplish this.  He is using an older version of paint.net, but the method should be the same:



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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Besides Alpha  Mask, there's the somewhat similar Paste Alpha from BoltBait's plugin pack. The method is to create the text in a layer, copy it to the clipboard, then use Paste Alpha to change the alpha in the image to make the text areas opaque and the background areas transparent. The original text can either be created as white text on a black background or opaque text on a transparent background. For the first, the alpha source for Paste Alpha should be the clipboard color, for the second, it should be the clipboard alpha. I prefer to use the alpha option, but either works.

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Here is a method involving no plugin:


1.- Create the text in a transparent layer.

2.- Select the text using Magic Wand tool with Flood Mode: Global 

3.- Switch to background layer (flowers) without modifying the selection

4.- Cut Or Copy the selection to clipboard (Press CTRL+X or CTRL+C)

5.- Paste into new layer (CTRL+Shift+V)

6.- Remove or mark as invisible other layers.

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21 hours ago, otuncelli said:

Here is a method involving no plugin:


Though I recognize the appeal of not requiring plugins, I very much recommend against using the Magic Wand for this sort of thing unless you don't mind ugly ragged edges. The methods using Alpha Mask, Paste Alpha, or Paste From Clipboard will produce much more attractive results. Why use a hatchet when there are scalpels available?


EDIT: I should note that while I don't believe in using the Magic Wand to to this, @otuncelli's method is a very good answer to the original question, since takes the method that @Patapin was using and modifies it so that it always works.

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Hello Pixey (I like this nickname) 😃

Thanks for the video, it is very helpful, and thank you for your "Welcome".


Thanks to MJW too, I have downloaded the boltbaits-plugin-pack: great pack!


I think all of this will ease the effects I want to create.


It's nice to have people who answer to your problems and propose solutions.


I now have to understand the plugin pack, the methods: I guess it will take me some time, so don't be upset if I don't post for a few days to comment your methods.


Have a nice peaceful day 🌻

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  • Patapin changed the title to How to use background to fill a word? [SOLVED]
23 hours ago, BoltBait said:

look in the Effects > Text Formations menu

Hi BoltBait, 😃


Fantastic plug-in, and very easy to use, too. I am always surprised by the knowledge of computer scientists like you. You surely spend a lot of time to create such work. It surely deserves a donation, I'll try to understand how to do. Have you an idea of an amount? A few $, maybe?


Here's an example of what I did:


Do you think you can modify your plug-in so that we could place the word exactly where we want in the clipboard image?

For the moment what I do is:


Open my image, create a layer, write my word where I want to, select the area to cut off what is not needed in the former image, copy the cut image layer, and then use your plug-in. Don't worry, it doesn't take too much time to do this.


Have a nice day.




16 hours ago, NSD said:

Just use Mask radio button.

Hello NSD,

Sorry, I can't find the button, could you please help?

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