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How can I make this request in Paint.Net?

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Hello, as a start I would like to congratulate you on this program.

I am new to learning this program and many things I do not know where to look for.

Can you help me learn some actions for my project idea as quickly as possible?

I plan to do digital reality art. Based on the name this art will be based only on the software and exactly on the pixel theory.

For some reason to prepare my whole idea, I started doing it in MS PowerPoint, until I discovered you.

In this short time that I am getting info for Paint.Net, I see that you have many options which will facilitate my work.

This is the program I've been looking for a long time.

And for these reasons, I decided not to leave this kind of community of professionals.

  I would like to learn most of your tutorials to complete this project in a short time. But most importantly to realize this as the best possible at this time.

I have other project ideas ready for later.

Therefore, I have to learn well about most of your tutorials.

I want to learn much faster with your suggestions because I intend to realize these projects with maximum professionalism.

In short, my project idea is:

Nowadays, existing programs easily convert real HD photos into enlarged photos with colourful squares.

Each square is 1 color.

All the colors, which are around 17 million real colors, complete all the HD photography.

And further, in order for this square to be distinct in fact at a very close distance, I would like to print the square = shape in dimensions smaller than 1x1 mm.

So, all colors will be needed to make the same looking of the digital reality art with the real 5K HD photo on a 5k monitor and even in the real Wallpapers printing.

Now, where is my new method: I want to turn these squares into digital reality art, and if it is possible all the process will be not done manually.

It could be like a tapestry made by Beading technique (beads are fixed next to each other);

-Or it could be made by Peyote technique; (the next bead is fixed in half of next one bead);

Or it could be a “painting” made by:

-Square with 3-D Format;

-Diamond circular shape;

-Circular Beads shape (with holes in the centre);

-hexagon shape;


-5D Diamond Painting shape;

-Cross stitch shape;

-Filet Lace shape.

I already have ready shapes even at this moment made by MS PowerPoint and not by code.

Could I recreate again one more time here but with a more professional looking?

So, in continuation of my idea, I want to make a grid that has changeable thickness and color.

This grid is on a layer ready to be used as a sample pattern for the next pictures.

I already made it based on your tutorials.

I want this grid, which will be in a separate layer, to interact with the other page=layer where is the model photo will be processed according to my method.

This is very necessary for me for several reasons;

1-At first, I want the shape to be in a 3D format, and its looking will be in the ones I listed above, although the print size is very small.

Is it possible to create images of the above shapes easily with any of your tutorials?

2-Based on MS PowerPoint, these forms do not merge with each other. This means that at any time, when you need to work with each one of them that are in the slide = layer, simply click on that shape and it will pass under your command.

After clicking, the shape can be duplicated, can have done in groups, and you can further alight it horizontally and vertically, copy, and paste as a single or in a group.

The important thing for me is that in this way it is very easy to change its color even with the help of a color dropper.

My question is:

2-Is there any way in this program similar to PowerPoint?

3- Can I with the dropper get the color from another layer that is visible with the layer that is active?


Hope I have said clearly what I am asking of you.

I also hope that these requests will already have a guide in this community.

Thanks in advance

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