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Greetings Manc,


Actually we have more than three TVs, but three are not Smart TVs so I got the voice command Fire sticks after Thanksgiving here for $20 US each.
I have no idea what version of Fire Stick I have or how to find it. We have an idiot TV in the 2 spare bedrooms and 1 in the basement.

I got them for guest, so I only used them during install. I have an 80 inch 4K Vizio in the familyroom. It is connect to a PC and is also used as a monitor. I used it for Zoom meetings too.

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I just added an app to the Fire Stick called Informer (the name sounds sinister enough).
It 'informs' me that I have an:

Amazon Fire TV Stick - Third Generation

Release Date: September 30, 2020
Fire OS 7 (32-bit)

Os Based on: Android 9 Pie

SDK Version: API Level 28


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I have used Kodi and Terrarium TV in the past but I dont watch much TV these days.
Since I am an Amazon Prime subscriber I use Prime Video & Music.
Relatives and guest use the Fire Sticks and have even gifted me with Netfix, Hulu, Curiosity Stream and MasterClass.
That is way too much TV for any one person.
I spend a great deal of time doing graphic design and some audio/video editing.

I have not updated my web site in 2 years.
I am in total emersion mode in this nice content creator app called Lunacy by icon8.

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