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Helen's Graphics (UPDATE--NEW images!!')


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*********UPDATE----Ready, Set, Go!*************

Something I decided to do during my free time.


Optical illusion or are each of the subsequent lights more aligned to the right-hand edge?

I may not be "the best," but I'm PRETTY DARN GOOD!

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@Storm: I gave you three choices, you choose. :)

Hmm....still don't know whether to stop, go, or slow down. Wow, I didn't realize you had lights turned around. Here in America, it's Red, Amber, and Green. Must had been the Nyquil, making me sleepy cuz I had been battling allergies since Thursday. :roll:

I once drove through red light without even knowing it.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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I think Helen is trying to create a distance between the stars and the cloud, that's probably why it looks blurry. For some reason when I stare at the image long enough, I swear the cloud is moving downward. That's probably from having too much antihistamine in me. :?

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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@Amadeus: I fixed the perspectives.

@Storm: I realized I haven't made a "perspective, so I hope it looks better now. I also added a simple moon to keep the picture more realistic and bright. I hope you like it. (You made me feel so much better. lol.)

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Hi Helen,

It ‘s been a while since I did not drop by in the forum but that does not mean I did not get a look from time to time. Your gallery rocks! I can believe it was a lot of work to make the cottage: the result is incredible and perfect in each detail!

Here are my fav:

Wallpapers: Metamorphosis

Graphics: Believe and of course the lizard/gecko which totally deserves its place in the galleria, colors are so brilliant it seems made of shiny water bubbles or some swarovski crystals and the reflection on the dark surface is perfect!

I find that octopus funny too and love that page 1 of your never published (never say never..) book “the forest”, come on go ahead with the story!

That smart mouse carrying his cheese is funny and the teddy bear is so sweet!

Glossies: cat’s paws (of course I love cats) the glossy hearts globe and the hearts.

What else can I say, do love your artworks, keep going!


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