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8 suggestions for the Paint.net interface

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Hello, I would like Paint.net to have the following 8 options in your configuration:

(1) Option to choose the default active layer when opening a file. Currently, the pre-established active layer is "background". On many occasions it happened to me that, when opening a file with several layers, instead of writing in the upper layer, I wrote in the background.


(2)  Option to open a file with a percentage of the default size on screen (100%, 50%, 33%, etc.). Currently, the file opens on a percentage such that it shows the full sheet.


(3)  Option to increase the size of the on-screen file, leaving the upper part of the file fixes, so that it does not come out of screen. Currently, by increasing the size of the screen of a file, the view is closer to the center of the file. 


(4)  Option to hide / show the thumbnails of the on-screen files, through a drop-down menu, to have a larger screen.


(5)  Convert the next bar into a button with a drop-down menu to save space on the screen.


(6) Option To convert the "Layers" window into a drop-down button on the toolbar.

(7) Option to convert the "Colors" window into a vertical or horizontal coupling bar so that it occupies a fixed position on the screen.

(8) Option for coupling the "Tools" window in a fixed position, with the additional option to convert it into a single column vertical bar, to fix it to the left or right of the screen.


Thank you very much for considering any of these suggestions. Greetings!

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Hola, @dieg467 , puede tu traducir todo la message hasta ingles? Aqui solo habla en ingles y la personas que contribuir en desarollo de Paint.NET no entiende español. Gracias por leer.


Manual translation of what I said:


Hi, @dieg467, can you translate entire message to English? Here, we only speak in English, and people that contribute to development of Paint.NET don't understand Spanish. Thanks for reading.

G'MIC Filter Developer

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