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Punching a picture with squares

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This technique to do just that might need a epilepsy warning.


1. Create a new layer and fill with Percent 25. The background should be white, and the dot should be black.

2. Set the new layer to Multiply blending mode.

3. ????


On 3, I don't know how to save selection in Paint.NET. If you can do that, then you can do this. The first 2 steps are correct.


This is my attempt with Krita:



I'm sure it's possible with Paint.NET. The layer structure in Krita goes like this:



If someone could figure this out, then this can be done in Paint.NET. The Transparent 25 Fill in Krita has black dots, and transparent background.

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I figured it out.


1. Create a new layer.

2. Fill the new layer with Percent 25 and erase background.

3. Duplicate the filled new layer.

4. Create the cut shape by erasing areas you want in the top-most layer. Hide other layers.

5. Select the dots on the this layer.

6. Hide the top layer, and reveal the other layers.

7. Erase selection on the middle layer. Then repeat step 5-6.

8. Erase selection on bottom layer.

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