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Feature Request: Add "Edit with Paint.NET" to Windows 11's redesigned context menu

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I might've missed the discussion on this (search only brought up this non-Paint.NET generic Windows 11 discussion in Off-Topic). My apologies if this has already been requested, though I didn't see it on the Roadmap, either. Currently, Paint.NET on Windows 11 has lost its image context menu option in the Windows 11 redesign. 


The only way to access Paint.NET's editor in Windows 11 now is by first hovering over Open With -> scrolling to Paint.NET -> clicking Paint.NET. I'd love to have the old single-click "Edit" menu make a return to Paint.NET.



The feature request: add "Edit with Paint.NET" as a single context menu option, using Microsoft's latest guidelines:


  • Your context menu extension must be implemented by using the IExplorerCommand interface. Context menu extensions that implement IContextMenu will appear in the older context menu instead.
  • Your app must have package identity. To achieve this, you can package your app in an MSIX package, or you can create a sparse package that grants identity to your app.


I'm not sure if this is possible with how Paint.NET is written, but I hope it can be added in some future Paint.NET update. For example, WinRAR has recently added this option in their latest updates:




However, because they have multiple options, it's been forced into a cascading menu (as required by Windows 11). I think Paint.NET will be better served with a single context menu entry (or allow for both single vs cascaded options).

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I've already had an issue filed for this, targetting v4.4.x, but hadn't updated it with regards to Win11. Hopefully there's enough time/motivation to squeeze this in. Most of the work entails localization (translations) and getting that text into the right place in the right format.

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The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Oh, that's great to hear that it's on your radar. Thank you for the reply and update. 


Very understandable; v.4.4 looks to be a massive upgrade, so this is a bit of a lower priority. 


Oh, yes: the translation of the text. I noticed the Cowdin thread earlier. I wish I knew more languages fluently enough to help translate. :(


Microsoft does have the "Edit with Paint" text by default in Windows 11 which I assume is a verified-good translation. If that's the string needed, I think I could spin up Windows 11 VM's and just grab that string from Microsoft's built-in different language packs—just replace "Paint" with "Paint.NET". I'll see about making a Crowdin account--if I'm barking up the right tree here.

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