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Request - Rain Filter/Snow Filter

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Well, i read all the rules and I think I'm supposed to ask like this. Does anyone have a rain or snow filter? I saw a couple animated rain tuts, but i just want an effect that you just click and it adds rain. EDIT: I also saw one of Ash's photos had something that looked like a snow filter.






* Ignore the Text



Snow Example:




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What have you tried?

Did you try something like: (on a new layer) Add Noise (low intensity) then Motion blur?

It always pays to try the simple stuff first (and it's easier than coding a plugin :!: )

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I think that's how i did it in CS3, ill try that and get back here to see if it works. But for the snow, that might be a bit harder... Any suggestions on the snow?

EDIT: Heres what i did, its the same as CS3. New layer on top of picture, paint it all black. Add monochromatic noise, high intensity. Gaussian blur. Then motion blur. I set that layer property to "screen" and then adjusted the levels to make it look like snow.




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That's a much better idea than I suggested. Add Noise dots are way too small to leave long trails when you Motion Blur.

@Jdars1804: Snowflakes are bigger and come down much slower than rain = shorter trails with a visible dot at the end! Snow also tends to swirl a lot more, so maybe you should be looking at a random mix of directions for the "motion"? [tried that, make them similar directions]

Before you Gaussian Blur: duplicate the layer, change mode to additive and merge down. This gives the "snowflakes" a much brighter starting point.

I think you're onto the right path with your technique though, it looks/creates great looking snow :!:



course the sun is still shining....

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.... And btw, adjusting levels can make it look like rain too, just make the levels the right way

You want to make my dog cold and wet? Heartless.... :lol:

Seriously you should play with this a bit more and post your results. I really like the effect! Perhaps a short tutorial on your rain/snow technique would be helpful to others?

There is a snow tutorial here: Snow, perhaps you could add your technique to that thread.

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What about sandstorm? I'm new here and I'm need to learn to make sandstorm please?.

You post is on top of one that was from last year. We call this necroposting and it is frowned upon.

You should start a new topic rather than reviving an old (dead) topic. Or as the topic you have been referred to is current, try posting your questions there.

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