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Erase selection cancels the selection


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(1) I wanted to erase a selection in several layers. However after the first erase, the selection was cancelled, and was no longer available to work in the other layers. I had the create the selection again.


That's in the current beta version of 4.3.38 beta, paint.net.4.308.8079.34870.portable.x64.


(2) It tells me in the status line how much I rotate, that's great (I write it down, because it is important to me). Could it tell me how much I move pixels?


(2a) And the rotate number (angle) stays even after  I move pixels (not rotate), that is: stale now.


(3) Quite frequently the Hand view tool does not appear, when I press the space bar. Most of the time clicking in the title bar helps, or just clicking anywhere once. but just now it did not help. The zoom with ctrl view tool works always.

no documentation/screen shots from my part available (how would I?), but it happens very often Instead of moving the view then it moves pixels.



This post is as good as I can do, and I can't open a separate thread for every single issue that happens in just a few minutes.

Please take it as it is, I bear with you. Thank you.

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multi-issues in one post.
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(4) can you make a command "Save a Copy as..." , this would allow saving to JPEG without losing the name of the PDN for the following steps, for example saving several individual layers to JPEGs, or just to continue work on the original drawing.


(Notepad++ does have this, I took the idea from there. XnViewMP does have a Copy To... context command with the same effect. )

The file menu of Paint.NET  is not long, such a new command would not overload it.

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1 hour ago, AndrewDavid said:

Are we forgetting you can use the eraser to clear the contents without loosing the selection? Just make the eraser large enough to cover the selection with one click.

You can then switch layers and repeat.


That seems to me to be more awkward than saving and restoring the selection. It has the disadvantage of requiring the Eraser to be resized the next time it's used for more normal operations.


The inability to erase the selected pixels while maintaining the selection isn't a big deal to me, but given my druthers, I'd prefer that it were possible. I really think that's the more natural way for Erase Selection to work (though clearing both is, admittedly, often convenient). I'm not sure if Ctrl+Del or Shft+Del are already claimed (I know Ctrl+Shft+Del is), but if not, perhaps they could be used for the shortcut.

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I published this 10 years ago! Selection2clear . I haven't updated it to 'clear' with transparent black (originally layers were transparent white) but it still works.

Where does the time go?...


Perhaps @Peter1 could use codelab to create his own bespoke version - it's not exactly complex!

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4 hours ago, Red ochre said:

I published this 10 years ago! Selection2clear .


That's a good point that it's something well-suited to a plugin such as yours. I even have that plugin installed, but had about forgotten it. I really should have noticed it, since it's the only plugin in my Transparency submenu except for Alphathreshold, which I use quite often. From now on I'll use Selection2clear whenever I need to erase the pixels but not the selection.

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When I press Backspace, it is a Paint Bucket of the selection with the primary color (and obviously using Overwrite Blending Mode), aka Fill Selection, and keeps the selection. That's ok


I'm lead to assume that Delete is simply a Paint Bucket with Transparency (using Overwrite Blending mode)? Therefore should keep selection.

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22 hours ago, ardneh said:

Set the Primary color to zero Opacity and use the Backspace key.

That's a good work-around, especially when the extended palette is open (I do have a transparent color there).

The other is the Effect "Selection(2)Clear", and depending on the situation one or the other is easier.

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