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Adding layers mess up print size

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When I create an extra layer of the same size, draw a bit on it and then save to PNG or TIFF for example, PAINT.NET combines layers. That is fine. However, the picture created prints out in a different size, often much bigger (even multiple pages) when using 100% in MS Paint. And the strange thing is: the number of pixels shown is correct, nothing changed on the format.


What is happening? Layers are a nice option but you do not want the scale changed of your picture. You still want the same pixels per printed cm as the original you started working on. 




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Printing software does not print pixels, it uses DPI (Dots Per Inch)

Pixels deal with image resolution.

Here is an explaination of Pixels vs DPI that I presented in this forum a few years ago:


Here is a link to a true 24 bit color image file:


It is 4096 x 4096 pixels.
If opened in Paint.NET it is 96 DPI
If opened in Krita it is 72 DPI
If opened in Windows Paint it is 120 DPI
It is the same image, so which is correct?
The answer is that it does not matter until you print it to your desired dimensions!

Use the printer software that came with your printer then set the printer to print that size image

Have the printer software show you a preview of the output size before printing.

Check out the entire thread here:


More on this topic here:


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