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Why not make plugins searchable/installable within the application?

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 I have been thinking that the shapes are too limited (too few) and searched the web if I could create my own or something. I found that there are "packs" for that. And I have to manually download and extract the files into C:\Program Files\paint.net\Shapes , which is not fun. Isn't this kind of dumb? Why do users have to do this manually? Can't the shape show something like [Install more] and show the list of user-contributed plugins for shapes and install them right there?

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We do have out own section of Shapes, made by members on this forum:  https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/48-shapes/


Just like we have an Effects Folder in which to add Plugins, we have the same for Shapes.  Once installed into the correct folder - 'Shapes' :ShapesTool: they are then available via the Shapes area when you open paint.net, and are found under Custom.




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