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Resizing a Photo

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I am a newbie, having just downloaded paint.net, and I failed at my first attempt to resize a jpeg photo.  I have followed written instructions without success.  The process seems to be working but the visual does not increase in size and when printed it does not increased in size.  Any ideas as to what I am may be doing wrong?


Windows 10

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If you understand film photography you know that you can print a 35mm negative as a 5x7 print or as 16x20 print. The negative does not change dimentions or resolution. You have to instruct the printer to print to print to a larger or smaller paper. Most printers come with a software utility that will permit you to do just that.
Remember jpeg, png, gif, tiff, pcx, bmp, tga files are all raster images and will show some signs of pixellation when magnified or printed to larger paper sizes.

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