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How to add 3D depth to font cutouts? .png

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Hello, Thank you for reading and for any help you can offer.


I have been using Paint.net since 2009 and somewhat well versed.

I am working on a project now that I would like to know how to add depth to the font cutout, layer 1, similar to font that is raised, (see fig 3) 
but reversed, I guess you could think of it that way. I need depth beneath the 1st layer in the Font walls, (see fig 1) layer 1 is the design with font cutout, the red arrows show the direction of the font depth I need. Layer 2 is the texture that will be underneath layer 1.

I assemble my work or layers using an alternate 3D platform that allows more control such as moving the node depth of the texture deeper than the top layer, the problem is no matter how deep I move the texture layer the top layer still appears to be resting on the texture when I assemble the two. (see fig 2) I can also control the lighting from 3 angles X,Y,Z this will help when enhancing the effect.

The long and the short of it would be, when I use paint, to cutout the text, is there a way to add depth and create walls in the cutout text?
I need a method or tool that can add such an effect to the text.
I searched first as requested but did not find an answer to this endeavor, any help would be greatly appreciated.








Paint fig 1.jpg

Paint fig 2.jpg

Paint fig 3.jpg

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Mahalo dear,


I appreciate your help, however the 3D software I use far exceeds this plugin.

My question had to do with cutting out text leaving it transparent, then adding a reverse 3D effect to the font so

the font would visually appear to have walls leading downward, allowing the seperation effect when object 1, (seen in fig 1)

is placed over object 2 (seen in fig 1) giving it a sunk-in appeal yet the text cutout would still be transparent allowing the 

viewer to see the texture below and trick the mind into seeing it as 2 layers but the top layer would hover an inch above the

layer 2 - the texture.
Gosh I hope that wasn't overly detailed that it didn't make sense?





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22 minutes ago, Tikcuf said:

Gosh I hope that wasn't overly detailed that it didn't make sense?


What would really help us to understand what you are trying to accomplish, is for you to post an example of the desired text you are trying to emulate.


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Sorry dear, if I could post an example I would not be here asking for help.
But maybe this may help..
**Try to imagine that you are using a flat piece of metal the size of a family picture frame.

**On this metal you draw the name "Peace" in the font you like, and then you use a plasma cutter to cutout each letter.
**Then you pick up the piece of metal hold it out in front of you and you can see the shop your working in through those exact cutouts.
**As you go to set it back down on the table you stop an inch or two above and you can see thru the cuts that you

are hovering above the table, if you set it down on the table that effect goes away and the texture of the table is now

smashed up flat against the backside of that metal, the result of that is its not that invigorating.
**Now imagine that same piece of metal again 2 inches above the table,  but as you look down thru the cutout font,

you imagine an outline of each letter, the outline then drops 90 degrees straight down towards the table making each letter seem as if it has a thin wall, but not projecting outward but inward, I guess you could call it a "Reverse 3D effect."

**Now with a nice texture surface, you lay that down on the table and hold the metal again above the table 2 inches.

** Those thin walls that outline the font and now drop down a half inch, make it difficult to see on an angle thru the font because these walls are blocking all angle views as you can see straight down to the table.


That would be the look I am trying to achieve,
3D pops out at you, this reverse 3D does the opposite.

**If I could just get this accomplished, my lighting, shading and colorzing the interior walls would be 1,2,3!











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So this is an outward 3D projection of the font.

Cut the text out with the magic wand so each letter becomes transparent and save as a .png

Then try and imagine if this frame you made was 2 inches off the table hovering,

then you came along with, idk, lets say a gallon of paint, and you poured it out on this metal plate slowly.

The paint would go thru each hole of the font and drip right straight down.

Now there is the concept, but, but I need that paint to create a solid wall outlining the font  just like if you

were looking thru a pair of binoculars, a pvc pipe, a tube, you walk up to the tube and you can see the outline

of the tube, but you can also see the walls in the tube, the font cutout is the tube without the walls....

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