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[Plugin Request] Add image as new layer, visible on screen

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I'm working on adding icons, which I have as separate files, on top of a large map. Every time I drag an icon file onto paint.net I choose the option to add it as a new layer (instead of opening it). But then the icon is put all the way on the top left of my image. Since I'm very zoomed in on another part of my image I can't see the new icon.


Is there a plugin/setting that would move the icon/selection to where I'm currently looking?


That would prevent me from having to zoom all the way out, moving the icon to the general right area, then zooming back in to where I was, then placing the icon in the correct location. This process is becoming quite a hassle when dealing with dozens of icons.


I noticed that when pasting contents it already does this by pasting the contents in the top left corner of the screen and not in the top left corner of the image.


Thanks in advance!




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46 minutes ago, Pixey said:

Hello @Flexo013 and welcome to the forum :)


Perhaps this Plugin be of some help:



Thanks for the suggestion!


I just gave it a try, and this still uses the absolute top left of the image for reference and it requires me to know the coordinates of where I am on the map. Figuring that stuff out makes this method equally slow as the normal method.


So I am still looking for something else.

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