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saving the active layer?


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paint.net saves whether the Layers window is visible or not, and it saves what layers are visible or not. But it does not save which Layer is active. On open it always activates the lowest layer. It should  save which layer is active.


Proof: When the Layers window is invisible on start, the active layer change (also on start) is not even noticeable. That's maybe a proof that the Active layer should be saved.


I'm also wondering whether it should save the tools states. For tools, it is stated in the preferences that they revert to the default settings (which is against taking a coffee break and then returning to the work).  That's the difficult question of saving the working environment, or not, to which the layers visibilities, and the active layer too belong.

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Which layer is active is part of the UI state, not the image/document state. I will not be changing the app to save this as part of the .pdn file. Same with the tool states, especially since the particulars of tools and their properties can change from version to version. (or even app to app, since some other apps can work with .pdn files)

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