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dds file not opening after saving

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Okay this is my first day using pdn so I aint know much. I get the dds file open all good, when I just stencil on it and save it, it works fine. However the troubles arrise when I try to add an image .png in a layer to the dds file, whenever I save it pdn wants me to save it as a pdn file, however to add it to the game I need a dds file. And when I try to rename the pdn file to a dds file, it becomes corrupted. Any help on saving it as a dds file, do I need a plugin or something?

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DDS doesn't support layers. It's not a limitation of the app, that's just how DDS is. So when you add a layer, you need to either save in an image format that supports layers (which is why .pdn becomes the default), or flatten the image to 1 layer first.


Renaming a PDN to DDS doesn't "corrupt" the file. They're completely different file formats. It'd be like taking a book written in French and putting a sticker on it that says "English Version". It doesn't change the contents, and someone who doesn't know French still won't be able to read it.

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The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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