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Down loading paint.net program

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My brother has been using this program for awhile and really likes, easier to use than photoshop he says. I decided to give it a try , only on problem it won't down load to my computer. I use Window Visita Home premium and I have tried all the download links posted with the same results, no download not even a download window. Is there something in Visita that is stopping the download from happening?

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Paint.NET is zipped up. There no problem with the file at all as everyone else can download it. If your computer wont let you download it then the problem is on your end not Paint.NET end. You can't except people to know whats wrong with your computer. If this was a Paint.NET problem then sure we may get somewere but it's not as the program is not even on your system. So your problem could be setting for zip files, an option to auto save files to a folder without giving you the save / open box, port blocking, filetype blocking, lost packets, lack of permissions. Who knows what be done to your computer. For all we know you could be clicking the link next to the download button instead of the download image on the download page.

Here's what i going to do. Click the link below and tell me if it works


If not then try this link (Temporary)

(This link is now removed by HITMAN-X-)

Tell if any of the links work. If any of them do which one so I can try and explain what your computer problem is. both files are Paint.NET.

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I came to this forum looking for answers on how come your program won't download on Visita and it appears I've hit a dead end since not even the techies who build the program will answer me. So I'm out of here, delete my account on this forum its of no help.

You wait a whole half hour before you decide we can't help you?

I hope you don't have to go to the license branch anytime soon...

But, seriously, please do leave. If you're going to be that much of a troll to people asking for more information so we can help you, we don't want you here anyway. If your next post isn't an apology, you're banned.


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