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Color separation into layers

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Is there a plug-in that will let you separate colors into their own layer? For instance, if i posterize an image in blk/wht and it has 3 different shades of grey, is there a plug-in that will help separate all shades into their own separate layer?

 If this has been discussed before, I apologize. I couldn’t find it in the forums any where.

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G'MIC-QT can do this.


1. Load G'MIC, then type this code in either one of the 'Custom Code' found under Various:

+colormap 0 
repeat w#-1 
 +f[0] I==I(#1,$>,0,0)?I 

2. Click Ok on G'MIC.

3. Layers->Import from Files, and import those images you saved from G'MIC.

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G'MIC Filter Developer

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