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I cannot get a printed image to be the size I have set and want.  In the RESIZE entry blocks I choose the height and width of the desired image in pixels and the pixels/inch resolution, while observing below the print image size changing (in inches), adjusted to be the one that I seek.     I am asked HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR PICTURES PRINTED? where I carefully uncheck the FIT IMAGE TO FRAME and note that the displayed image shrinks a bit, showing that an action has been taken. I am then offered FULL PAGE PHOTO, 4 X 6, 5X 7, etc., none of which accurately give me the desired size that I have set.   1) Why is this a required menu choice? and 2) Why doesn't the print preview screen show the set image size instead of showing occupation of the whole 8.5" X 11" page that is going to be printed? 


I'm stymied and would gratefully appreciate assistance.



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