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12 minutes ago, midora said:

I'm curious is someone already working on .jxl support?


I am planning to once the libjxl API stabilizes.

The following post indicates that @VcSaJen was working on an ImageMagick-based JPEGXL plugin.



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That's a limitation of paint.net. If there is built-in .jxl support for still images you need an alternative extension to open animated variants.

That's the reason why there are plugins for .agif, .apng, .awebp (and in the future .aavif and .ajxl).

A solution would be that the built-ins detect that the file contains an animation, cancels the loading, and ask paint.net to use a filetype variant which supports animations.

Anyway it will take a while until all browsers support animated avif or jxl (Chrome supports animated avif but that's it).

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