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Request for information: Modifying the opacity of multiple layers at once?

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Does any plugin exist that allows multiple layers to be set to the same opacity at once?

the use case being, me, not having to alt4 on every single layer, and drag the opacity bar back up, on every single layer.


Would anyone know of a plugin, that allows you to edit the 'paint.net properties' of all layers in a single action?


q` "why would you have multiple layers at different opacity at the same time"?

a` to check the overall time-lapse of the animation to make sure it flows.


Any onion skin plugin?


Tried looking through the plugin list, did not find any meaningful results that could help me maybe someone may know of something else that exists?


The layers are planned to be exported to something external that can organize the layers, now saved as individual images, as a single image, as a sprite sheet.


This will be 10000x more tedious, if I have to alt4 slide the opacity bar for every single frame. Just hoping, something exists. :roll:

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Sorry, that's not possible. Plugins (other than the inapplicable file-type plugins) can't affect multiple layers; they can only change the active layer. Plugins can't change the attributes of any layer, only the pixels. See here for a list of what plugins can and can't do.

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You can try my SVG File Type plugin. SVG is a vector format which seems totally unrelated 😁, but the specification allows raster images to be referenced as well and the plugin supports rendering them.


You need to have each layer as a separate image file for this to work. You said, they're already individiual images.


Create an SVG file that looks like this. You can set opacity attribute for elements using notepad or other text editors (preferebly with regular expressions) to change multiple layers' opacity at once. 


<svg width="900px" height="503px" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
  <image title="layer_name1" href="file:///C:/path/to/layer1.png" width="900px" height="503px" opacity="0.35" />
  <image title="layer_name2" href="file:///C:/path/to/layer2.png" width="900px" height="503px" opacity="0.87" /> 
  <image title="layer_name3" href="file:///C:/path/to/layer3.png" width="900px" height="503px" opacity="0.12" /> 




Alternatively, 'Zip Archive' plugin would also work. It stores each layer as separate entry in a zip file and layer properties (including opacity value) become entry names. But you need to open the zip and edit each filename to change opacity then import.


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