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InkSketchPlus 6.0 V1.0

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Here I have combined 2 built in effects into one plugin I think users will find usefull. If you use Ink Sketch at all, the added benefit of being able to adjust the Brightness and Contrast at the same time should prove to be very usefull. I have added the 6.0 to identify the version of .Net the plugin is built on. 





Default settings - Color Sketch



Modified with Brightness/Contrast


Many variations are available than just using Ink Sketch alone. Play with the controls to see how they all work together to modify your image.
Credit goes to Codelab, a tool used to combine these plugins.  Well worth learning. 


Place in your "C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects" folder

or your "C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects" folder. Find it under Effects\Artistic.



Enjoy :)



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Very nice update @AndrewDavid 💖 Brightness and Contrast add to the functionality of the plugin.  Well done!  🤩



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