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'PNG Animations and Images' FileType Plugin (.PNG, .APNG) [Latest v1.4 2022-01-07]


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'PNG Animations and Images' FileType Plugin (.PNG, .APNG)


Find the latest version of the plugin here: ImAPNG.FileType v1.4.zip [2022-01-07]

Thumbnail support for .apng file type: ImAPNG.Thumbnail v1.0.zip [2022-01-07]

ImXYZ.Thumbnail.dll Installer for ImAPNG.Thumbnail: See 'GIF Animations and Images' FileType Plugin



Loads and saves[not supported] PNG animations and images.  


Animated images contain a sequence of images called frames which a viewer application can show as an animation.


Because paint.net decides on the file extension which file loader will be used you have to change the extension of the PNG file to .apng.


On load the plugin loads all frames from the file and adds them as layers to a new Paint.NET document. Frame 1 will become the bottom layer and so on. Some information from the file (like frame durations or comments) will be stored in the layer names after the marker '//'.


[not supported]
On save the plugin will convert all layers to frames respecting the information found after the marker '//' in the layer names. The plugin does its best to reduce the size of the final file. The size depends on various settings.


See also

'GIF Animations and Images' FileType Plugin

'WEBP Animations and Images' FileType Plugin


Author / Copyright

Martin Osieka
2015-2022, Martin Osieka, Switzerland
You may use this plugin together with Paint.NET w/o any restriction.



Follow the instructions carefully

  • Unzip the archive
  • Copy the folder ImAPNG.FileType together with its content (ImAPNG.FileType.dll/.dlc/.deps.json) into the FileTypes folder of paint.net. The location of the FileTypes folder depends on the installed variant of paint.net.

To verify the installation you should restart Paint.NET and check that in the filetype popup of the open file selector dialog is an entry starting with APNG.



paint.net >= 4.3.2, 64bit and 32bit


Supported languages

English, Deutsch
You may add your own translation to the .dlc file.



FileType, PNG, APNG, Animated PNG, Animation



1.4 [2022-01-07]

  • Updated to libpng 1.6.37
  • Requires paint.net >= 4.3.2

0.3 [2015-04-06] (12218 downöoads)

  • First public test release
  • Only loading is supported.
  • The plugin uses an unmanaged dll based on libpng with apng patch plus modifications. There is a variant for 32-bit and 64-bit environments.


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