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Is there a way to precisely decrease color depth to a value?

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Is there a way (eg. a plugin) to reduce the amount of colors to a precise, custom value?

Infraview  Has this feature: (See screenshot) 
and that is what I'm looking for in Paint.net

I know I can select 8bit - 1bit when saving, but this is about making images to import into an old game, which is extremely picky to not go over 112 colors.

color depth.png

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1 hour ago, scg2020 said:

Is there a way (eg. a plugin) to reduce the amount of colors to a precise, custom value?


The built-in Color > Quantize effect can do that.

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I've been using Paint-net for the better part of a decade, and didn't know the feature exists :)

Thank you.

Only problem I have now:

The game uses pure black (Hex 0 0 0) to determine which parts are supposed to be transparent.
But once I reduce the colors to my desired value (112 colors) it changes that black to Hex 120 100 0. (see screenshot)
Which means it is no longer registered as transparent areas by the game I want to to import those images into.
(Custom levels for Worms Armageddon.)

I can't say that I can blame Paint.net for that.
I asked the program to make a compromise, and so it does.
It can't know which colors have a bigger priority for me to stay true to their values than others.
I just don't exactly know how to deal with this,

other than first decreasing the amount of colors to my desired value and then manually replacing all the 120 100 0 black with 0 0 0 black.





Man, I should have tried one more thing before posting this reply!
using the quantize algorithm "Median Cut" instead of the default "Octree" resulted in black staying 0 0 0.


I am very happy and have no more problems.
Thank you again,

you are awesome!

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That's actually #00 01 00, not 120 100 0. The hue value is 120. You may be able to play with the dithering value to get what you need -- a value of 0 will disable dithering.


Quantize was added in v4.2.16, released in April of last year. So, it's relatively new.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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