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Zooming + Floating Windows: overdue feedback

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Tl;dr please allow mouse wheel event to affect the canvas while hovered over a floating window. They always go in the corners, and that's a hotspot for trying to zoom since it's the most efficient and important to getting to the corners of a pic for reasons like border decoration, etc. Only the RGB/HSV sliders in the color window respond to mouse wheel on hover

I want to be clear this is actually pretty important to all my workflows in PDN. It's the sole reason I'm moving all these floating windows around madly. I know it's not effortless, but it's not asking for the moon either, so I'm crossing my fingers this one can get a look. I'd be eternally grateful 😁

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Maybe it would also an idea to change a bit the docking behavior of the floating windows.

The standard is that you can dock them on all edges or corners of the image area.

And not only inside of the image area but also outside. If you place them outside you could avoid that part of the image will be covered by the floating windows. Still you can move the main window together with the floating windows and paint.net remember these docking states if you close a floating window.

For the outside case I would prefer that the docking area is not the image area but the whole main window. This would allow to use a layer window in the height of the main window docked on the left or right side of the main window.


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