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erase tool not working?

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My apologies if this has been addressed already but I searched for this issue and found nothing so far.  Using 4.3.4 version and love everything about it except that none of the available settings (brush width, hardness, aliasing, ...) make any difference and all I get is a "checkerboard" fill pattern with the ERASE tool, as shown below.  I have also tried different colors and opacity but no luck. The PAINT BRUSH tool works fine and it follows all selected settings and I use this tool for erasing.  I don't mind doing this but I was just wondering if anybody has the same issue, or if there is a secret fix.  Thanks in advance for any replies.paint_net_erase_tool.thumb.jpg.745dca8bb507c07951f9c49ac7c5f948.jpg   

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Hello @paul_keenan and welcome to the forum :)


When you see the checkerboard pattern, it means transparency.  If you make another layer above your image, you can fill it with whatever you like.


Also, be aware in your shot, that you have the 2nd color set to lowest opacity, which would render 'nothing' it you are using that color.




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