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WinForms Designer can't open an EffectConfigDialog


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With the recent version of paint.net, it seems the WinForms Designer can't open a form derived from EffectConfigDialog.


In VS 2022, the "loading" message appears for infinity.


However, VS 2019 is more informative, as it displays an actual error message:


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If I change the target to .NET 5, the designer loads up without issue.

Switching back to .NET 6 causes the error to show again.


This seems like a bug in .NET 6 rather than a bug in paint.net.


So... target .NET 5 while WinForm designing, and then switch back to .NET 6.


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Properly documented for @Rick Brewster

Nice to see what I have been seeing for the past month.  Didn't report it because I thought it was a VS thing. I may have mentioned it before.



Build a new form based project in VS2022 without any references. I used the above to get it to link to Net 6.0

Without adding any code, add a blank form. Once you see it open properly, add references to Paint and then close the form.

Try to open the form and watch the designer try to open. Then you receive this error


Hopefully he can figure it out. :)




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