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I've been lurking around here for awhile now and posted questions and comments from time to time, and I've finally decided to show off some of my work with PDN. I'm sure you guys will recognize some of the work from the Tutorials section, and thanks to all of you who have helped me get this far. :)

These are just a couple of explosions from a tutorial.



And here one of them is inverted...


And I think this was supposed to be an exploding planet but something went wrong...


This was created using the flower tutorial...


And now we get into the "never let me have your photo section"...

I started out with only 1 photo of a friend of mine and slapped it on the following images...




Then I moved on to other friends...




And Green Arrow there just had a baby, has a love of all things RPG and a wife who is a veterinarian so...


And just to be funny, I animated it...


And that led me to other animations...

I did this one for my wife...


And this was one of my first attempts, thus the "roughness"...


I created this as a joke to explain Batman's voice...


And here's some of my more... abstract? work...







Here's a Lightsaber I drew from scratch...


And here are some various sigs I created...



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The photo manipulations are clever; very well-done, too. I like the inverted image you did and the flower image, also. It looks neat. Great job! 8)

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Thanks for the kind words. :)

The Shrek pic was one of my favorites too because it cracked me up when I first finished it. I wanted to see if I could do it after seeing another friend's image transformed into Shrek at Six Flags.

Did you create the hand on that? If you did all i gotta say is WOW!

I wish I could take credit for that but the hands were just an image I pulled off the net. I'm pretty sure they were created by Poser, DAZ Studio (like I used in the hand pic further down), or a similar application.

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I just whipped this up after seeing some bubble images in other galleries and following Madjik's bubble tutorial. If I'm supposed to just add new images to the original post, please let me know. I don't want to break any forum rules. ;)


Also, how do I make my images into thumbnails? Is that how it should be done or does it really matter?

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Nice work :D i like the shrek one really good blending.

also to make a clickable thumbnail do


look at the _th b4 the .png



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