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Just used Paypal to pay for Paint.net, but Microsoft's intrusion won't let me apply it

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At the price I just paid for it, I gladly paid for it.  Thank you, PAINT.net.


Now comes the problematic part.  I'm at work, and it isn't my laptop - it's the company's.  I use Paint.net for personal picture editing, and occasionally to crop a work photo.   I already have Paint.net installed, so no issue I guess, but trying to use MSFT to pay for, and download, the app (officially) had MSFT asking all kinds of questions that they certainly didn't need.  My address?  Really?


But the true roadblock was me using a side gmail account, and MSFT wanting to - DEMANDING to without giving me an option of 'NO' - using that email across all my devices.  This isn't even my device, and I certainly don't want that email in any way on, or attached to, this work laptop.  


So I guess I paid for it, but will never install the official 'paid for' download.  This just doesn't sit well with me.  And I will certainly not be happy at if some time in the future I might be blocked from using the free version with no good way of installing the version I paid for.


Thank you.

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