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'GIF Animations and Images' FileType Plugin (.GIF, .AGIF) [Latest v1.5 2021-11-16]


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In this case you can use a non-null but otherwise empty token. Just create an empty class that derives from EffectConfigToken.


@midora, This is your weekly reminder to stop doing weird/hacky stuff in plugins. I'll be blocking the current version of the plugin in the next 5.0 build, and you'll need to release updated versions of your plugins.

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It was just not required to add a token up to now. There was no abstract definition or documentation which forced you to do it. I try to keep sw minimal. I asked about tool plugins which do not modify the image (to avoid the useless call of copying the current content in Render()) i.e. by a configuration flag. Why is this not possible? I had no intention to make you developer life more difficult 😉

These tools have been used for years without any issue. If they now fail in 5.0 then something has changed in the internal handling of plugins and they are no longer compatible. You can spent some time to keep them alive or not and block them. Or discuss a better solution for these kind of plugins. That's on your side.

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